Idea for novelist or script programmer computer

Simple , small computer (cyberdeck) need more than small screen.

Everything is important. Look at UX-50 Sony Japan Unveils the Clie PEG-UX50
big screen (not big density but screen must be big), good keyboard. If you use the computer in low light, on the road (walking) then you will appreciate the realistic keys and large screen. or Where Did Pocket Computing Start? | Hackaday
Power. Is important too. Such a computer should last noticeably longer than your cell phone or tablet. Of course, this involves software. At the same time, we want it to be possible to exchange data with other computers (fuzix? qnx, L4 mach, matchbox?) This need more ram (500KiB is minimal, look at macinstosh SE with very slow 8-16MHz cpu and big ram and disk)
No need sound, wifi, but sometimes USB ?
Probably need small solar panel AND battery. No 18650*3 but separately charging 18650 , every different size, different condition etc. Or meybe step up converter from AA(1.5V) to 12V?
Small computers need more than only keyboard. Meybe rotor/knob or joystick like old pnones?

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It would be good to consider what the computer will be used for. I make no secret that I am interested in ssh and texting. But someone else might want e.g. music playback longer than all the mp3 players, or maybe radio communication?

Here you have to make the decision yourself.

Writing texts whether as a novelist or as a script programmer FORTH has the least requirements of additional governments, but needs compatibility with other computers. IRDA, ethernet, rs232, USB, screen and photodiode as in old fosil watches, pcmcia as in REXX5000 REX 6000 - Wikipedia . Even if it will only be turned on for a while to not draw power.
I would like to have a computer that will work for two weeks and I can rely on it. One that will be a real help.

So that OLED is color, but the battery is small… how do we feel about lowpower displays?

I hate to bring up eink, because it’s a pain to work with and would put a lot more stuff on the board… but it could also make the battery life huge.

I love this project either way. Hoping it’s a kit or you do another group order some day soon.

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The e-ink screen is unusable. This is the worst solution I know.

Not all screens (even color screens) draw a lot of power. The first example from the shore.
ELLO 2M | or look
PotatoP | Very large screen and very economical in power consumption.
The most refined screen was the PixelQ but I don’t know if it is still in production. The OLPC XO-3 - Wikipedia project used it and it was sensational in sunlight.

I moved your post over to general since it seems to fit better over here, a discussion for ideas. The Ello is a great example! I have played with one of those before at crowd supply HQ and was very interested how they did their keyboard.

Hope in the future these creators might think about sharing their project here too!