My Singleboard Computer




It’s a tiny computer using the ESP-32 and a 320x170 LCD. The keyboard is connected via I2C. It runs a homemade OS with a couple demos. Battery coming soon!

Major Components

LilyGo T-Display-S3 (w/ ESP32-S3)
[EOL] M5StickC CardKB HAT | m5stack-store





Is there a separate controller for the keyboard to I2C interface?

Awesome! Thank you for sharing to the community! The first post by a new user @sublinear and first response by @MLXXXp thank you and welcome!

I’ve been looking at these lilygo modules, I imagine it’s possible to make all sort of computer by using those module as the base.

It looks like there is a controller on the keyboard, something similar to this: CardKB Mini Keyboard Programmable Unit V1.1 (MEGA8A) | m5stack-store

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Yes, that’s right! It’s an older version of that m5stack keyboard, which uses an ATMEGA328p to scan the keys and send them over I2C.

I think you should have included that in the list of major components, along with the display. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oops! I edited it in, thank you. It’s a neat little keyboard but the keys are so small that it’s hard to type on!

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Omg that’s amazing! What are the features of your custom OS ?

Well, it’s a bit more of a shell that has a simple parser and switches between demos. I thought about making a real OS but that is just a crazy amount of work for me having never written an OS before. What would be cool is running a MicroPython REPL as that would be very versatile, but a simple shell was good enough just to show off the hardware.

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One of the hopes for this platform might be trying, at least, get closer to a very simple unified OS that can take various type of keyboard inputs as “drivers”. With modules like this, you can actually use USB-OTG and hook up a usb-c keyboard, so that could be a version. Pipe dreams!